Far away from the turbulence of busy cities, Paplapos Golf & Academy is awaiting its guests with a 6-hole golf course responding to international requirements and located in a calm and idyllic environment in Monor, 40km from the heart of Budapest and 17 km from Ferihegy Airport.

With us, both the young and the elderly ones can acquire the basics of golf. Upon request, it is possible to obtain a 6-hole field license (including the etiquette of golf and the rules of the game) with the monitoring of a Golf teacher, enabling one to play on large courses as well.

How to get us?

Driving from Budapest to Szolnok on Road 4, turn to Monor center at km 35. Following the signs leading to Gomba, turn to the right at the cross by the city limit. 2 km further you will find Paplapos Golf & Academy.


Managing Director: Benno Heidelberger

Assistent: Magdolna Szabó

Address: GBH Country- Track Kft, 2200, Monor Paplapos u. 6.

Phone: (36) 29/ 411-699

Phone: (36) 29/ 414-838

Mobile: (36) 30/ 942 93 53

(36) 20/592 87 55

(36) 70/240 80 74

Fax: (36) 29/ 411-699