Ball: only the size 5 ball is appropriate for the game.

Birdie: the number of kicks which is 1 kick less than the par is called birdie.

Bogey: the number of kicks which is 1 kick more than the par is called bogey.

Bunker: sand obstacles are called bunkers.

Double-bogey: the number of kicks which is 2 kicks more than the par is called double-bogey.

Drop: the ball declared as unplayable can be raised and dropped within one meter. Naturally the ball cannot be closer to the hole. The drop has to be made with upturned palms, outstretched hands and from shoulder high.

Eagle: the number of kicks which is 2 kicks less than the par is called eagle.

Fairway: the best path from the teeing ground to the green.

Green: the green is the part of the section which is covered by carpet-like grass and where the ball is only allowed to be rolled, this is called putt.

Hazards: objects which make the game more complicated, for instance bunkers, forests, ponds, etc.

Hole: the Footgolf course consists of 9-18 holes. The hole found at the very end of the section has a diameter of 53 cm and depth of 40 cm.

Hole in one: it means that the player gets the ball into the hole from the teeing ground with only one kick.

Marker: marker is any kind of indicative. It is used when the ball is raised to indicate where the ball has been and where put it back to.

Match-play: it means that only the number of the won rounds matter, not the aggregated number of kicks.

Par: par is the number of kicks which can be used to complete a section. It is calculated by the results of the best players.

Rough: the less well-maintained parts of the sections are called rough.

Score: the number of kicks

Score card: every court has a score card which shows the number of rounds with their length and pars, and also it has blank cells where the players can write their scores in.

Scratch: the best players who usually kick around the par are called scratch.

Slice: the most common mistake of the amateurs although the professionals usually use this technique on purpose. The slice is the name of the ball which starts straight and then it turns to the right.

Stroke-play: stroke play gameplay means that the aggregated number of kicks matter.

Teeing ground: the rectangular area from where the first kick happens.

Through the green: it is the part of the round which excludes the green, the teeing ground and the barricades. It has two parts: fairway and rough.

Water hazard: it is considered to be the worst obstacle, because the balls can only be “fished out”, and it involves a penalty kick.