Albatross: a par plus 3 strokes

All square: equal, e.g. results

Approach: e.g. the stroke used to approach the green

Bogey: a par plus one stroke, if two: double bogey

Bogey player: A player who usually plays one stroke above par, thus achieving a result of around 90. To be more precise, a bogey player is the one with a handicap of 17,5-22,4 for men and 21,5-26,4 for women.

Brassie: “brazen” wooden club, used in general on a fairway. Its sole is covered with a layer of brass to prevent damages caused by stones and gravel, for instance.

Bunker: usually an artificial hole filled with sand or covered with it, called a sand trap as well. If it contains grassy spots, it is not considered a bunker.

Chip shot: a short stroke, e.g. a drive stroke to the green

Driver: wooden club used for the initial stroke, the one with which usually the longest stroke can be completed

Driving range: stroke practicing area

Eagle: a par minus two strokes

Fairway: a specially prepared and maintained grass field between the tee and the green where the lawn is regularly mowed to 2-4 cm

Foregreen: the area surrounding the green where the lawn is mowed to ideally 5-6 mm

Green: the carpet-like, smooth, flat area of grass around the hole, mowed at a height of 1 mm. Besides watering it is also regularly rolled down.

Iron: iron club, does not shoot as far as a wooden one, but is more accurate. The serial number of the iron is directly proportional to the inclination of the head. The pitcher and the sandwedge also belong here.

Par: the number of strokes an excellent player should take for a hole all for al the holes on a particular course. 228-434 courses are generally par four, the longer ones par 5 and the shorter ones par three.

Pitcher: iron club used for short, high strokes

Put: a stroke through the green on the hole

Putter: club used for putting

shaft: the shaft of the club

tee: the small piece of wood or plastic which is pushed into the ground and is used to support the ball before it is hit at the start of each hole. Looks like a T in profile.

triple bogey: a par plus 3 strokes

wood: wooden club

yard: 1 yard= 91,44 cm